Writing Retreat!

I spent Monday through Wednesday before Halloween on a solo writing retreat in the awesome Mississippi River town of Cape Girardeau so I could get a novel I started — and stopped working on — in 2018 back on track. I think it worked! I’m up to chapter 10, anyway.

The Downtown Guest House, hosted by the owners of thrift shop extraordinaire Anna Laurie’s, is perfect for writing. If you are a writer reading this, and you are anywhere near southeast Missouri, consider it. Tiny little house, but just right. Walking distance to the Mississippi River (about 5 short blocks), and tons of cool eateries and drink stops and coffeeshops along the way.

Here are some photos from the retreat. I’m looking to do this a few more times. I definitely plan to come back to the Downtown Guest House as it’s super convenient for me — less than an hour from home. But if any of y’all know of any places in the southwest of the Midwest, lmk.

This is the house. Right on the sidewalk! Which was pretty cool, actually.
Perfect space. I wrote on my Chromebook, but had Tim’s laptop along just in case.
Cape Girardeau has an arty vibe. Anna Laurie’s is kitty-korner from the tree. That’s an awesome little shop with the mural on it.
Breakfast with dinosaurs. Bon-Bons.
And first night dinner at Minglewood Brewery, accompanied by Robert R. McCammon.
River view.


  1. Looks very nice and cozy! I need to go somewhere and finish my novel too! I am in the mood for a cabin in the woods and lots and lots of snow! Keep up the good work sista!

    1. Yes, a cabin in the woods would be cool too. We live in the country so the city was a different vibe for me. But the Smokies… or out West… Love me some mountains and forest! Keep writing Karen!

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