Communication device restored

So… I was trying to make another kayak reading video on Devil’s Kitchen Lake. The lake was a little bit choppy, not bad, but not smooth. And I was trying to use a tripod. I had just said to myself, “This is a disaster waiting to happen,” (which is really what I said to myself) when it happened. The tripod fell over and bloop! the phone went right into the water. I’m guessing the water is about 6-8 feet where I was. Of course I made a grab for the phone, dropped my paddle. Which, fortunately, stayed right next to the kayak. There was no easy place to pull up the kayak, and anyway, 8 feet of water and about a foot of silt and low visibility — there’s no way I’d have found it. I figured I’d better just go in before I went and lost my truck keys too.

I ordered a phone from ebay. And a protective case AND a waterproof, floating cell phone bag. And a floating key chain since, now that I’ve publicly expressed a fear of losing my keys, you know it’ll happen.

I’ve had a week without a phone. A week without checking the weather for where I live multiple times during the day, and checking the weather other places just out of curiosity. A week without Google at my fingertips. A week without ready communication. And I’ve learned something.

I really don’t like not having a phone!

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