Hero for the Week – Vancouver Flash Fiction

Vancouver Flash Fiction is a resource hub for flash fiction writers, and also a critique circle for flash fiction writers in the Vancouver (British Columbia) area.

Here’s VFF’s definition of flash fiction: Brief condensed stories written in under 1,000 words, usually closer to 500, with a complete arc – beginning/middle/end – infused with sumptuous imagery, metaphor, and intentional word choice, some level of change/transformation, emotional resonance, and unexpected twists and turns towards an aha, ha, or ahhh ending… in a nutshell.

We could talk about each section of that definition over a bottle of wine. Instead I’ll swirl what’s in my glass and say that “towards an aha, ha, or ahhh ending…” is hitting me just the right way right now. One of the things I most love about flash is how hard the best stories clobber – and, after you’ve had your “aha, ha or ahhh” moment, you can read it again, twice even, to savor each word.

But back to Vancouver. Weekly features include: Killer First Sentences, Flash Fiction Writing Tips (many of which pack the same power as a flash story), MustRead Flash Fiction Collections & Anthologies and Flash Craft. Also, check out the links to Flash Fiction Workshops and journals open to submissions.

And it’s all free. Like ‘em on Facebook.

Or hit the website.

And say hi to flash fiction writer Karen Schauber – she organizes the page.

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