Greetings the Gulf Shores!

And here’s how we honeymoon. I recorded three readings on the beach. Tim played two open mics.

This day there was very little beach traffic despite it being a beautiful day. Off-season is definitely the right time to visit the Gulf Shores.

I wrote this story for a 53-word contest. I didn’t win… but I also couldn’t see adding any more words to it. It was the way I wanted it in just that many words. I sent it later to Mojave River Review.

I have a love – fear relationship with sharks. I love them, but I am absolutely terrified of them. I suppose Jaws might be partly to blame, but mostly it’s the facts that get to me. I’ve watched dozens of documentaries and film clips, and while I accept that sharks — even big ones — don’t go swimming around looking to eat people (they are successful hunters, if they wanted to eat more people, they would), they still scare me.

Real reason? They come to me in my dreams as sort of a “yeah I already know that” warning that things are chaotic in my subconscious. They are the only animal out of the many I dream about that speaks to me in English.

The dream where a shark spoke the most clearly came when I was quite young. I dreamed a shark was above me in the water, a Great White that time though I often dream of Blue Sharks. I swam down to a ship wreck to hide – and idea of dubious merit. The shark said, “I’m going to get you!” And I replied, “No, you won’t!” He said something else but I don’t remember what. Probably if I remembered, I’d be famous or something. But, as in a fairytale I failed the test. Perhaps.

In my dreams about animals, which are many, sharks are common, appear when I’m stressed, are never kind, and are the only animals that talk to me in English. In the first shark dream I remember, I tried to evade the shark by swimming under a shipwreck; the shark said, “I’m going to get you;” I said, “Oh no you aren’t!” and then I was stuck under the shipwreck until I awoke. So, it’s not like the conversations are philosophical, but I can’t recall any other animal using people-speak to communicate.


I’m not the first to notice the irony of beaches open for the Fourth of July during corona-tine AND as a plot point in Jaws.

But here’s a pretty fantastic article that appeared in the outstanding cultural website Crime Reads.
On the Endless Symbolism of Jaws, Which Owes Its Dark Soul to Moby Dick